Meet the TEAM

The Dependableware team members have dedicated over a decade of their careers to practical research in dependable distributed systems, database clusters and Cloud computing.

The team has coordinated the European FP6 GORDA research project, on scalable relational database replication. The project had several academic and industrial partners and involved the extension of several open source relational databases to be integrated in a scalable replication middleware.

More recently, the team has been involved in several Cloud Computing research projects: projects financed by the Innovation Plan from Portugal Telecom Inovação, HP Labs Innovation Research Award on Dependable Cloud Computing Management Services, Google Research Awards and the European FP7 CumuloNimbo project.

Miguel Matos
Chief Executive Officer
Ricardo Vilaça
Chief Technology Officer
José Pereira
Strategic Advisor
Rui Oliveira
Strategic Advisor

Miguel Matos obtained his degree in Computer Science and Systems Engineering from the University of Minho (2008), his Master degree in Software Engineering from the University of Minho (2009) and is currently pursuing a doctoral degree from the Universities of Minho, Aveiro and Porto (since 2009). His research work is focused on very large scale distributed systems and in particular in data and systems management. He currently collaborates in the Stratus project, funded by the National Science Foundation (FCT) project, and in a project funded by Portugal Telecom Inovação. In 2011 he cofounded MIMA Housing, Lda.

Ricardo Vilaça obtained his degree in Computer Science and Systems Engineering from University of Minho in 2005 and the Ph.D in the MAPi Doctoral Programme in Computer Science from the Minho, Aveiro and Oporto universities in 2012. He is a research scientist and software engineer with a strong background in distributed systems and large scale data management and 7+ years of experience in national and international research projects in distributed systems: Cloud computing, NoSQL and database clusters. He had contributed to several software projects: MeT, BenchmarkSQLHBase, UBlog Benchmark, Escada Replicator, GAPI and Portorama.

José Pereira is currently Assistant Professor of Computer Science. He obtained an MSc degree and PhD degree in CS from University Minho. His main research contributions have been in the field of fault tolerant distributed systems, specifically, on large scale reliable multicast and on database replication and clustering. He has been the Technical Manager of FP6 GORDA project on open database replication and coordinated the national ReD project, working on scalable and resilient databases. He participates in the FP7 CumuloNimbo project and had recently received a Google Research Award for the Minha project. In 2000 he cofunded the company Eurotux Informática, S.A.

Rui Oliveira is professor of Computer Science at University of Minho and researcher at the High-Assurance Software Laboratory (INESC TEC / University of Minho). His research focus has been on large scale and dependable distributed systems. His main contributions have been in the conception, development and assessment of replicated database systems, field in which he has coordinated several research projects. In 2000 he cofounded Eurotux Informática, S.A.